I also have the great pleasure of working for three non-profits that continue to make a very special contribution to the public and to music and musicians. You'll enjoy exploring their websites.

at Carnegie Hall

Founding Artistic Director Alexander Schneider (1908-1993)


Richard Goode & Mitsuko Uchida, Directors

New York's oldest concert series
- "Bringing the best music to students and workers at minimum prices"

About Us

I really had no intention of going into artist management. In 1964, Rudolf Serkin asked if I could help with some concert requests for his 17-year-old son, Peter. Always ready for a new challenge, I agreed. And here I am, more than four decades later, managing an entire roster of great artists like Richard Stoltzman, who has been part of the Frank Salomon Associates roster since 1973 and Sir Simon Rattle since 1978. Our vibrant young chamber ensemble, ECCO, Young Concert Artist-winning pianist Lise de la Salle and the legendary Leon Fleisher are the most recent additions to a roster I am very proud to represent. Richard Goode, Jaime Laredo, Alon Goldstein, conductors Douglas Boyd and chamber ensembles The Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio, Musicians from Marlboro, Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, TASHI, Johannes String Quartet, Windscape, and Škampa Quartet have all enhanced the FSA name through the years with stellar performances all over the world. We take great pride in having introduced in their first U.S. tours such special projects as the Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin, the Bach Collegium Japan & Masaaki Suzuki - both touring here again in 2010-2011 - as well as Sir Simon Rattle and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (three tours); the legendary Sergiu Celibidache and the Munich Philharmonic; John Adams and the Ensemble Modern - all illuminating the FSA reputation for representing excellence.

Since we have never viewed our management activities solely as business, we have only represented artists we felt had original voices, with whom we could develop a special rapport. Our philosophies and ideals have not changed, even in the face of changing times. We are committed to cultivating artists’ potential through our personal involvement in every aspect of career development, including community and educational outreach and commissions of new pieces. We believe in preserving and advancing the classical music art form through creative management and through partnerships of artists, management and presenters.

This philosophy of management was borne of a lifetime of education from many brilliant and generous people. There are too many to list, but two of them stand out in my mind for the valuable lessons they taught me. Mr. Serkin taught me to strive for the exceptional, since given life’s normal compromises, one might still attain something on a very high level. By observing Sasha Schneider, I realized that we must try to live every part of our lives to the fullest, with passion and love. They and others also taught me about the music and the composer coming first, and about sharing one’s knowledge and personal insights on a human as well as a professional basis.

Through climate change, recessions, hip hop, iPods, and now, Twitter®, we look forward to continuing the tradition of excellence while seeking out the cutting edge in classical music.

Frank Salomon
Frank Salomon Associates

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