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With our wonderful group of artists, there's always something special to celebrate but this Fall, we also celebrated the marvelous contribution that FSA Director Barrie Steinberg has made to our enterprise and our artists for 20 years with a party in her honor at our apartment...

Barrie showing off burl wood gift that Martha Salomon picked out in Vermont. *
... and an ode.
To Barrie Steinberg On the Occasion of Her 20th Anniversary
with Frank Salomon Associates

'Twas twenty years ago today, that Barrie came our way
To bring her talents and smarts to FSA, I'm happy to say.
Sisters Gevers, Collins & Schuman also had nice long runs
But Barrie holds the record for longevity and devotion, bar none!

She's managed artists with sensitivity, imagination and brio,
Be it clarinetist, string quartet or our indomitable piano trio.
When it comes to visas, taxes, tours and subjects financial,
Barrie's knowledge and expertise is more than substantial.

Barrie came from Sante Fe and that 'evil Empire' called CAMI,
At FSA, she found a gentler world and a guy unabashedly hammy.
She came a single woman boasting a wardrobe of high school age
Then, Paul she wed, and soon, maternity clothes became the rage.

How she balances work and family is a miracle without doubt
For her, doing both with excellence and love, is what it's all about.
So, for two decades of devotion to our artists and mission, I give countless thanks
From Gray's Papaya and this 43 year-old appreciative Franks.
If you didn't happen to be there, the reference to Gray's Papaya (my favorite drive-by, after a late night at the office, for a couple of franks with extra mustard and sauerkraut) was the scene of a surprise that Barrie and Sharon Robinson engineered for my 60th. So it seemed appropriate, for our surprise for Barrie, to reprise the Sacher torte dessert.

Marcia and Richard Goode with Barrie and Frank *

Barrie's Sacher torte *

While we were partying, our artists were making audiences happy all over the world this Fall...Some fun news about our artists is listed at right.

Happy Fall and hope to see you soon at APAP, ISPA and CMA,

Frank Salomon
Frank Salomon Associates

* Party photos courtesy of Lynne Mazza.

Other Artist Happenings

Sir Simon Rattle making great music around the world with the Berliners.

Douglas Boyd is loved wherever he goes, but there's a special synergy when he conducts in Denver with the Colorado Symphony...just as there is there for Peyton Manning with the Broncos - must be something in the air(altitude)!

"Made in Vermont" not only applies to the best maple syrup, Ben & Jerry's and Musicians from Marlboro, but to the two weeks when Jaime Laredo weaves his musical magic conducting the Vermont Symphony in towns all over the State. Martha and I heard a terrific one in the charming little "opera house" in Bellows Falls. We're all really excited about the Double Concerto that Andre Previn is writing for Jaime and Sharon Robinson for 14-15 with many major orchestras among the commissioners. There's a chance, now, to be one of the first to program the concerto for 2015-16.

Leon Fleisher playing Prokofiev in Karlsruhe with Justin Brown and then conducting the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra and playing the Mozart Double, K. 242 with Katherine Jacobson Fleisher, which they repeated with the Naples (FL) Philharmonic in a memorable concert which also had Leon conducting Beethoven along with the world premiere of "Fantasia for Four Harps & Orchestra" by noted LA composer/arranger Nicholas Jacobson Larson (a nephew) and with three Fleisher offspring plus a daughter-in-law as soloists. A real Family Affair or should we say Nepotism 101??...Truly a fun occasion for all in the audience and on the stage!

Richard Goode giving his incomparable recitals and playing Mozart K.456 with the New York Philharmonic and David Zinman (who happens to be Barrie's father-in-law).

Alon Goldstein bringing Mendelssohn's two concertos aglow in a new Centaur recording with the Israel Chamber Orchestra, which will celebrate their 50th Anniversary with Alon as soloist on a March 2015 U.S. tour. And, lets not forget his stunning Tchaikovsky No. 2 (not # 1!) with Michael Stern and the wonderful Kansas City Symphony.

Lise de la Salle earning a NY Times rave for her recital, the week before she enchanted audiences in her Philadelphia Orchestra debut.

This will get way too long, if I keep going down the list, so let's see how this works in rhyme...

Richard Stoltzman is a pied piper supreme
His tone and his phrasing - an absolute dream.
For a piano trio that's known as the world's best
The Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson's a stellar guest.

If an inspiring orchestra is what your series needs
The passion and joy of ECCO all others supersedes.
And for a group who are pickers & strummers bar none,
The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet are brilliant & just fun!

For those who love string quartets and their rep above all
The electricity of our fantastic groups should fill your hall.
The Skampa is the very best quartet the Czechs can offer
The American Johannes is so good they'll fill your coffers.

Though Windscape our alphabet brings to a mellow end
Their virtuosic and imaginative programs variety do lend.
Our special projects & "Firsts" are undoubtedly 'hot'
So, you'll surely want to call and say 'yea' rather than 'not.'

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